Heather McPhaulHello and welcome to the website of actress and author Heather McPhaul. If you have a moment, feel free to peruse these pages and check out the television shows I’ve acted on and the books I’ve written. You may also notice my sense of humor (necessary in show biz). Anyway, I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back soon, ya hear! 

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Television (selected)Headshots_2012_079_Actors_Access

Parks and Recreation                Co-Star        NBC/Dean Holland

Dexter                              Co-Star                     Showtime/Michael Lehmann

Boston Legal                                   Co-Star                                  ABC/Steve Robin

Will & Grace                                    Co-Star                                  NBC/James Burrows

The Shield                                        Guest Star            Headshots 2012 092                 FX/Scott Brazil

Everybody Loves Raymond                Guest Star             CBS/Gary Halvorson

Providence                                           Recurring Co-Star               NBC/Various

Malcolm in the Middle                      Recurring Co-Star               FOX/Todd Holland

Yes, Dear                                                Recurring Co-Star               CBS/Mark Cendrowski

Six Feet Under                                     Co-Star                                  HBO/Jeremy Podeswa

Judging Amy                                        Co-Star                         Headshots_2012_004_Actors_Access         CBS/James Frawley

Still Standing   Co-Star                                  CBS/Robert Berlinger

The Division    Co-Star                                  Lifetime/Patrick Norris

The District                                           Co-Star                                  CBS/Oz Scott

ER                                                             Co-Star                                  NBC/Laura Innes

7th Heaven                                           Co-Star                                  WB/Harry Harris

Charmed                                               Co-Star                                  WB/James Marshall

3rd Rock from the Sun                      Co-Star                                  NBC/Robert Berlinger


IMG_5674_copyEat with Me                                       Featured                                                     David Au/Independent

Another Day     Lead                                   Nan Hagan/Short

Del’s Crazy Musical                            Co-Star                                      Paul Babin/Short

I Killed Eminem                                   Co-Star                                     Scott Friske/Short


Don’t Sit So Close to the TV             One-Woman Show             HBO Workspace

The Black Widow Brothers              Brenda   (Lead)                    West Coast Ensemble

Inside Out                                              Brenda (Lead)                      Actors Alley

Fool for Love                                         May (Lead)                                Attic Theatre

Inherit the Wind                                  Rachel                                       New Geneva Playhouse

Style Players Comedy                        Player                                    Olympia Dukakis’ Whole Theatre

Falling Rock Zone Improv                 Player                                           New York City


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