Year of the Elevens

Okay, so I don’t know diddly squat about numerology or astrology or any “ology” more confusing than laundry-ology.  But folks seem to be all excited about the number of dates this year that contain multiple elevens. I’ll admit I like the symmetry of it… just like a few years ago when the Summer Olympics opened in China on 08-08-08.  Evidently, the number 8 is a big deal in Chinese culture, and I was happy that their stunning opening ceremonies debuted on that day, but, again, I have no idea of “8’s” significance.

So why is “11” such a big deal?  According to some online sites, 11 appears to be a “master” number (well, that sounds a little bossy).  The number 11 is also, however, supposed to carry “balance” and represent “male and female equality” (now I’m liking the little bugger better).   Another quality of number 11 seems to be that a lot of people notice it on, for example, digital clocks.  And then they make a wish.  Hmmm, the only time I’ve looked at a clock that read 11:11:00am and made a wish, I’ve wished it were closer to 5pm so I could leave work.

But maybe I should wish for something grander upon my next 11:11 sighting.  Because, to quote Texas Tech Assistant Professor of Classics, Jason Banta, on number 11, “People who are really interested in modern numerology say it marks some sort of transitional period that something is going to change soon when you see this.  Often people are looking at the number 11 as some sort of transitory moment.”  So instead of wishing my work day were over, maybe I should think transitional (i.e., big).  Next time, I’m wishing to be a winner in the next $350 million lottery jackpot.

Then, of course, there are plenty of theories about the role “11” played in the 9/11 attacks, but I’m not going to dwell on those because I’m trying to keep my young 2011 positive.  Oh, and I think those theories are baloney.

So, let’s all work on our balance and gender equality today — 01-11-11 — and on all the upcoming elevens (the biggest being, of course, 11-11-11).  Make your wishes when the clocks turn that magical minute.  And make 2011 a truly uplifting year.  Because, according to the Mayans, the whole world is ending on December 12, 2012 at, yep, 11:11.